Treasures from near and far, for the modern bohemian and wild at heart.


Welcome! I'm Mary, a floral & fibre artist, passionate traveller, former florist of 9 years and the Neurodivergent creative behind Maranta, currently based in sleepy Devon & creating everything in the MARANTA studio + flower bar...


Maranta is inspired by global style, tropical coastal living and a nomadic way of life. The seeds for this small business journey were planted in my mind on long isolated, meandering travels along dusty palm tree fringed roads, and visits to bustling labyrinthine markets. My hope was to bring back a dose of the tropics and the nostalgia of sunshine living, with me on my return to the U.K.



I hope to draw attention to the process and skill of handcrafts. As a devoted floral and fibre artist, I am unable to work a busy factory line and I can only produce one piece at a time, therefor every order is slowly and thoughtfully put together by myself with care. I am passionate about the synergy between sustainability, slow and conscious living and I hope this is reflected in my work.

I encourage reconnection with traditional crafts and natural fibres, consciously choosing to buy artisan goods with a longer life, giving back to the Earth & communities, promote inclusivity and embrace a sustainable, slow lifestyle ~ these are the core ethics and values that I am passionate about which drive me in my development of Maranta.



A passion for floristry with longevity drove me to launch Evermore Dried Florals in early 2020 after 8 years as a florist. I specialise in tropical florals and foliage which typically last many more years than English grown-and-dried flowers due to their robust and hardy nature. These botanicals are rooted in escapism and encapsulate the nostalgic warmth of holidays abroad, different landscapes and warmer climates.


At Maranta you will find beautiful dried florals with soul, handcrafted textiles, homewares and lifestyle products inspired by exotic coastal living ~ for dreamers, wanderers and modern bohemians.

Thank you for following the Maranta journey this far, I hope you find something you love... 

Mary x