I can’t quite believe how Maranta has evolved so much since I first started planning to start my own business last autumn! I processed my largest amount of parcels this past couple of weeks and I’m amazed how the business grows each month. I am truly so grateful that you all saw a little bit of magic in this business and chose to support this dream... 



As the entire business and product base pivoted during the pandemic and with studio space still elusive, I made the decision to pause the launch of wedding macrame for hire in March... simultaneously I also began selling huge amounts of dried flowers and had little time for anything else.


With Evermore dried florals flourishing and requiring more of this small business owners precious time, as a result I have made the decision to permanently suspend launch of the macrame hire -  which is to say that in the future at a more suitable time I will definitely look into it again. And I will 100% still be creating bespoke, made to order macrame pieces for sale ~ once I’ve managed to dig my way out of all these dried flowers! 


In the meantime, if you have a macrame design in mind and would like a custom piece, please do contact me... 


Stay safe, 

Mary x