As Neurodiverse Celebration & Awareness Week draws to a close this year, I want to thank you all for helping raise awareness but also for celebrating with me, and showing up for an amazing community of Neurodiverse people who are willing to share their lived experiences and their truth, in hopes of educating Neurotypical people of what it is to live with conditions such as ADHD, ASD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Tourettes Syndrome and OCD among others. We do this in the hope of breaking down barriers in our society to encourage acceptance of all, less judgement, more compassion and understanding.





I'm thrilled to announce together we raised £45 (rounded up to a £50 donation) for the B+ND project! Obtaining a diagnosis for Neurodiverse conditions is incredibly challenging and increasingly rare, even more so for those who do not hold the white privilege that is embedded in our society. Many Neurodivergents cannot afford to go private, which can mean living without the specialist support and tools to manage and cope Neurodiverse conditions which when provided can save lives, greatly enhance quality of life and improve mental health prospects. Young Black Neurodiverse people are disproportionately affected by underassessments, which is why B+ND is an incredibly vital project to donate funds to, as an assessment can typically cost £800+.


Thank you endlessly for your orders during this time, which made this donation possible from 10% of all sales. 


Stay safe,