Why are dried flowers so expensive and what should you consider when investing in a bouquet or arrangement?


There's no denying I hear this a lot and I agree, dried florals can be significantly more expensive than fresh! Which is not surprising when you take into consideration the extra labour and time for drying and preserving on top of growing. Not to mention the explosion in popularity over the last few months, which means growers and wholesalers can charge more for sought after stems in a competitive market during the pandemic. 


Essentially I like to look at dried florals as an investment ~ when you choose Evermore florals you are buying a piece of nature's art that has the potential to transform a blank space into a welcoming sanctuary, to make a bold statement or perhaps to simply add a little accent to your decor. Dried florals will always add interest and style and of course will last for years to come when cared for. 


I have been working in floristry for about 10 years now and in those early years I certainly never saw dried flowers making such a big comeback! Within the last 4 or so years they have reemerged and become a force for nature in the home decor world, not only due to their beauty, but also the sustainable nature of these stems. It becomes harder to choose perishable fresh flowers when they wilt after a week, if the option to own a piece of floral art with years longevity is also (literally) on the table. Dried floral stems offer the perfect balance between sustainability and style. No longer do you have to deal with the upkeep of fresh flowers, whilst the preserving of certain florals ensures that you can still enjoy the rich vibrant colour of a fresh stem but without the short vase life. Care for dried florals is minimal - ensuring they are kept away from humidity, water, moisture, and direct sunlight, and the occasional dusting if desired. 


Not only that, but the benefits of admiring florals every day can have a long term positive effect on our mental well-being, reducing anxiety levels. Which means dried flowers can be an important part of your self care routine! 



Last but not least, when considering cost, don't forget there is also the expertise of the floral artists and the love and care that they put into crafting beautiful designs for you ~ for example I trained for 4 years and have nearly 9 years experience as a florist before going self employed as a floral artist. This is not simply a job to me, it's a wonderful way of life and a privilege to bring joy through these designs into homes across the UK! 


I hope this has been useful, why not take a look at the Evermore collection on the webstore or read about how to care for your dried florals here


Stay safe

Mary x