After many years of dreaming, and months of planning, I'm happy to release my collection of dried 'slow florals' into the world. A passion for slow eco living, plastic free designs and natural stems is the driving force behind Evermore Dried Florals.

 Having worked as a florist for 8 years prior to founding Maranta, and with an eye for unusual and exotic stems, (anything dried, textured, foraged, or not instantly recognisable as 'flowery' instantly draws my interest) I was very happy to start work on these designs for the discerning consumer, handcrafted for you, to bring a touch of nature into your home for years to come...

Dried flowers have been a huge trend for a few years now, gaining in popularity, and that's set to continue into 2020 and beyond, due to the sustainable longevity and versatile nature of dried. They are a fantastic eco alternative to fresh flowers for your wedding or home - which is so important to us all - lasting and bringing joy for years in the form of artful statement designs.


With an emphasis on neutrals, rustic designs, natural colours and tropical stems, my aim through Evermore Dried Florals is to encourage you to find escape in beautiful designs, which encapsulate bohemian warmth, character and style.


Introducing Evermore dried florals by Maranta... click the link to see more.